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Concussion injury timelines

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Concussion injury timelines

 Six Weeks – Three Months for individuals to Experience Onset of Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Janurary 21,2016

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By Christian King B Soc Sci

Concussion is a result of a bump or a blow to the head, that occurs instantaneously.

However the signs and symptoms can be subtle and may take a little time to become noticeable.

Onset of symptoms may take days, weeks or occasionally a year or more after the initial injury. Symptoms of injury are most probably of physical nature, whereas psychological symptoms appear after weeks or may be manifested after few initial months.

Headache is the first symptom that commonly occurs after few hours of the mild traumatic brain injury. Similarly, nausea and drowsiness are the symptoms that become apparent within one to two weeks after injury. These symptoms, depending on the nature of the injury, may be long lasting or perhaps vanishes with the passage of time.

Psychological symptoms are not instantly reported after injury. Possibly, loss of consciousness, memory, judgment, reasoning and attention may be evident with time. I can take six weeks to three months to become visible. Memory problems are the most long lasting problems and may take years to completely recover from. Irritability, sleep disturbances, poor appetite, mood swings, psychological adjustment problem and disorders of taste and smell are the post concussive symptoms that have usually delayed onset.

For most people, missed and under medical diagnosis of subtle and mild concussion, brain injuries are life changing for the worst and nost never recover fully.

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