Baseline Assessment





This assessment may assist you with defining what you need with reference to support and rehabilitation.

It may also assist regarding any legal compensation you may be entitled to.


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The Full Assesment tests the following aspects of possible brain injury through concussion, ptsd or trauma:

1. Memory

2. Concentration

3. Speed and Accuracy

4. Planning

5. Problem Solving

6. Reasoning

A full report will be emailed to you for each Section on completion. 


What is a traumatic brain injury?

Although traumatic brain injuries (TBI), often called concussions, are usually associated with contact sports, they can come from many activities such as bike, motorcycle and car accidents, and even simple falls.

Concussions are the result of a blow to the head that affects normal brain function. There are many problems that could occur after a brain injury, but the most common areas affected are:

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Reasoning

Why is TBI a problem?

Sadly, traumatic brain injuries are frequently under diagnosed, leaving victims of concussion to suffer unnecessarily and live life knowing something is wrong, but unsure what it is. In extreme cases, brain injury can lead to depression and even suicide .

Because awareness of brain injuries, and challenges they pose, is so low, patients, medical professionals and family members are often unsure what to do. It’s critical to assess brain functioning after a traumatic head injury, but it happens too rarely. Although legal and medical help is available, patients often don’t get it.

How we can help

Our resident psychologist, Dr. Ashley Brown, has developed a state-of-the-art online neurological assessment to help victims of TBI get the help they need. The assessment is quick (roughly 45 minutes), effective (interactively guided by a neuropsychologist) and user friendly. In a matter of minutes you’ll have your results emailed to you, and you’ll get follow up emails to remind you of next steps.

The assessment works in two phases:

  • First, we take a baseline assessment as soon after the head injury as possible
  • Then, 12 weeks later we take a second assessment to measure any changes in brain function

With this two-part assessment, we’re able to see a trend in brain functioning and determine what needs to be done. If there are long-term effects from the brain injury, the assessment will let patients know, so that they can seek help. If the accident was a result of negligence, the assessment will help victims to seek financial compensation.

How much does it cost?

Although traditional face-to-face neurological assessments are often upwards of five thousand dollars, and not even brain injury specific, we want to make sure that help is as accessible as possible for victims of head injuries. That’s why we’re offering our two-part assessment for only $349.

It is our greatest hope that our assessment will give victims the power they need to take control of their lives.

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The Baseline Assessment and Assessment Review are copyright

by C.King (B.Soc Sci) and Dr A. Brown 2014-2018







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More Testimonials...

What a relief, I feel like I have been holding my breath for so long and now I can breathe fresh air again. It is because of you, my daughter did the Concussion test on the Brain injury Center website and indicated her only issue was with her memory from time to time. We are to meet with a memory specialist in one week. Brain injury Center are true professionals in their field of traumatic brain injury (TBI) whilst expressing care and consideration for patients in their times of extreme stress. I am eternally grateful to them and to their top-level staff
FB New York City USA

I would like to let you all know how blessed I feel by ending up in your capable hands!! I really appreciate what you’re doing for me.
Los Angles USA

I did the online concussion test and thank God because now my doctor and family believe me as I have suffered memory problems since my bicycle
Florida USA 

I found the concussion testing on facebook on the brain injury centre website I was cautious at first in paying for an online test but couldn’t be happier as the test reaffirmed what I was having problems with.
Manchester UK 

I was involved in a car crash in which I suffered a head injury the doctors at the emergency room at the hospital were not concerned about my headache and because I never lost consciousnesses they gave me headache pills. Months later I still have headaches and now having memory problems.
I did the online concussion test and I agree with the results emailed to me. My husband has become more understanding and is helping me every way he can in finding a new doctor.
Thank you Brain Injury Center.
Calgary Canada

I was unexpectedly punched in the head and fell backwards and was knocked out for a few seconds. The ambulance took me to the hospital where I was given a Cat Scan and to my relief no brain bruising or blood bleeds were visible. After three months I have had to cope with mood changes and unexpected anger outbursts, which was not me before the assault I have made many complaints to my doctor and he tells me it is all in my mind.
I did the online concussion test on the Brain Injury Center website and the results of the test gave me new hope. I contacted the Brain Injury Center by email about my results of their test and they have directed me to one of their psychotherapy specialists and I am feeling more confident and happier with my daily life.
Sydney Australia 

My 12 year old son suffered a head knock in a football game and he was dazed for a few minutes before he vomited. The club doctor gave him the OK to resume play after five minutes.
Five months late Charlie has become a recluse and shy. I asked our family doctor would the head injury have anything to do with his out of character
behavior and he dismissed my worries about my son’s head knock as a doting mother.
Unhappy with his remarks I searched the Internet and found online concussion testing at the Brain Injury Center and my son has done the test and we are now concentrating on the test results in getting my son better thank you Brain Injury Center. I can’t recommend Brain Injury Center online testing enough. God bless you.
Washington DC USA

My daughter’s car was rear ended at traffic lights just over two years ago she did not receive and physical injuries but complained to the doctor of a severe headache from the front of her head to the doctor at the hospital emergency room. The doctor dismissed any brain injury because she didn’t lose consciousness.
My daughter suffered headaches and mood swings after discharge from the hospital and even our family doctor dismissed the possibility of head injury.
I found the concussion impact assessment on the Brain Injury Center website and paid for my daughter to do the online test which took just under an hour.
The online test reaffirmed my daughter had ongoing neurotrauma issues with memory and reasoning as she had become difficult to manage since her auto accident.
The Brain Injury Center online concussion test was very accurate and they have provided me with a referral to an online professor of psychology who is an expert in this field of brain injury. I can’t praise the professionalism and positive experience of the online testing and support of the Brain Injury Center.
Ohio USA

My wife had an accidental fall in our local shopping mall. She hit her head and was knocked out for a few seconds. She was cleared from any serious injury by the ambulance paramedic and since then she has had bad experiences with short-term memory in forgetting names and faces of people she has known for more than 20 years.
I was concerned about her and discussed it with our family doctor she was not very helpful in dismissing her memory as as old age and possibly the onset of dementia. 
Unhappy with our doctor’s explanation our son did research on the internet and found online concussion testing on the Brain Injury Center website. Our son helped his mother though the website testing which emailed us her test results within minutes of finishing the test whichconfirms her injuries are a result from her accidently falling over and hitting her head at the shopping mall.
We now have a lawyer working for her to recover all medical and future costs associated withy her brain injury. If it wasn’t for the online concussion testing on the Brain Injury Center website my wife would probably waiting to be placed in a nursing home. We cannot give the Brain Injury Center enough praise for their assistance and expert testing for my wife.
Qld Australia. 

Six months ago I was accidently knocked out for a minute or so at my work. After ten minutes rest I went back to work and finished my shift. For the next three days I suffered the most painful headaches after the head injury.
I saw my doctor who gave me prescription pain relief tablets. I was also told I could have a clinical psychological assessment to determine if I had and brain damage from my workplace accident. I couldn’t believe the cost which $3000.00 I asked my boss would they pay for the test because the accident happened at work.
They fired me that afternoon my partner was researching brain injury on the net and found Brain Injury Center online concussion testing for a fraction of the cost of face to face testing for $3000.00.
I did the online concussion testing and gave the results to our lawyer who decided to sue my previous employer for workplace negligence including the loss of income and future damages. I am so very lucky my partner found online concussion testing or I would be collecting unemployment benefits. Small miracles do happen Thank you Brain Injury Center.
Arizona USA

I have had a number of head knocks from my college football games over the past two years. I have had bad headaches and decisionmaking experiences and talked to my coach about it. He said to see the doctor who gave me the all clear I had the same ongoing issues for months and my mom did some research on the net about head injuries and concussion.
She found the concussion testing on the Brain Injury Center website and recommended I do the test I did and it proved I had suffered some issues like memory logic and reasoning issues from repeated concussions.
My mom has booked me in with a specialist psychologist to help me with my problems
She has already contacted a lawyer to get my college to pay for ongoing medical and psychological treatments. Can’t thank you enough Brain Injury Center for your expert help and diagnosing my head injury problems.
Nebraska USA

As a psychologist I have used the Brain injury center online concussion assessment  with several patients who have sustained subtle concussions from auto and motor bike accidents. This online concussion assessment is convenient for me and cost effective for my patients and best they don’t have to wait weeks for a face to face appointment. The test result scores were emailed back to my office computer in a matter of minutes.
Jamie D
Los Angles