If My Kids Play a Sport, Can I Protect Them?

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If My Kids Play a Sport, Can I Protect Them?

Sports can be rough by nature, but that’s no reason to keep your child off the team. There are a few things you can do to protect your athletic child from brain injuries.

The most common head injury associated with sports is concussion. A concussion happens when a major impact causes the brain to bang against the skull and become bruised. Concussions can have serious consequences if left untreated or if they happen repeatedly.

If your child’s sport requires a helmet, make sure he or she wears it at all times. If they bang their head or are hit hard during practice or a game, tell their coach and a medical professional. Know the signs of concussion:





-Sensitivity to light or sound


-Trouble concentrating, answering questions


If you think your child might have a concussion, seek medical attention immediately. If a concussion is diagnosed, take a break from sports for as long as the doctor advises so your brain can heal.

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